Need help picking wheels and slicks

dod racing

New Member
Dec 13, 2003
I've done a search and all I find is fox body chat.

I have a 97GT with eibach lowering springs. I currently run a 17x10.5 wheel with a spacer. My car has the PI swap done as well as a full exhaust and 3.73's etc. I would like to go with some Weld draglites and possibly hoosier slicks. Can someone please help me out with what size to get. I have slicks for my Lightning already and they are 28x10x16. (I wonder if the lug pattern is the same for the Lightning and the Mustang.)

I went to the track tonight and spun my ass off at an idle launch with a 2.0 '60 ft. The car ran 9.0 at 78mph but I believe if I can launch at about 3-4grand then I can cut that down considerably. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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