Need Help Spreading The Word-Saving a Drive-In


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Apr 9, 2002
Western NY
This drive-in is in danger of being torn down for a Walmart. We drove past it this weekend while out taking pics and I found out about its plight in a search for more information on when it closed.


As far as I can tell, a bit of "trivia" I turned up is correct-this is the only drive in in the US with commercial rental space built into the base of the screen. There is a grass roots effort underway to save it. Even something as quick and easy as sending them an email to forward to the town and Walmart can help, by showing support and interest in saving this treasure. Drive ins across the country are going dark, this is a chance to save one from that fate. The site for the group trying to save it from the wrecking ball can be found here:

Drive-ins and classic cars go together as part of our culture. The loss of drive ins and decay of places like Route 66 just chips away at the automotive past...

If you can, write them a quick letter of support and spread the word. the more interest is shown, the more likely that this one place can be saved...
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