Need help with a wheel setup...


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Aug 17, 2007
Miami, FL
I have a 67 Coupe with the TCI independent front suspension setup (Adjustable, Mustang II type) and a Ford 9" Rear end with upgraded leafs and shackles:

For the front I want to run 17"X9" wheels with 255/40's

For the rear I want to run 17"X10" wheels with 285/40's

The wheels are made for a 94-04' mustang (10th Anniversary style) so I know I will need wheel adapters to clear the hubs. My question is if this setup will actually fit under my car with my suspension setup? Will a 285 tire on a 10" wide rim fit in the rear without needing to be "tubbed"?

Anyone running close to this setup?
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The rear depends on the size the 9" is. Some 9" are wider than others, so you want to verify the one that you have. I have a 9" in my 67, and ran with stock 01-04 GT rims for a little while. Those are 17"x8", with stock tires (i believe a 245/45) and the fit, just barely. The wider 10" rims/tires might give you an issue.