Need helping finding a Cobra


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Aug 2, 2004
im looking for an 03-04 cobra in the Exton PA area guys. im almost convinced this time i want one. problem is, the only SVT dealer i know of around here is Garnet, and they dont have one, and said it would be a while before they could get one. i want relativly low miles, $20-$25k, hardtop, and preferable colors include Redfire Red, Blue(i think true blue?) or black.

can you guys help me find one in my area? i really dont know where else to look, as ive never really looked to much into SVT products before. i'd like to buy from a dealer also, not really into personal sales.

thanks for any help guys! :SNSign:
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good luck finding a cobra for 20-25k from a dealer. unless they are going for quite abit less there. last two in my area sold for 31 and 34k from dealerships.

craigslist,,, ebay, svtperformance forums, ect. all places i searched when i was hunting.

good luck
i did notice that dealer prices seem to be more around 28-34k. how much were they new???

i guess if its low miles, it might be ok. and through a dealer i may still get a warrenty.
Your better off going through a private owner. Way cheaper. I've seen '03-'04 Cobra's for $26,000 all the time with low miles on them. One Cobra had just 1,000 miles on it for just $26,000. That's the way I'd go at least. The warranty still transfers over to you when you buy it if their's anything left on the warranty time.
Your price range is low for dealer or private party. Dealers can offer some benefits, I got 4.9% and 6/75,000 warranty on my used cobra. You can may get a lower price private party. All in all these cars are keepers and it seems to me that the prices have been going up recently.
previous owners can be very decieving. example, when i sold my foxbody.

i got the car when i was 16, sold it when i was 18. had custom tearaway paint, loud, cobra brakes, 331 stroker, a ton of stuff. you would think i beat on it and was a rich spoiled kid probably.

i drove that car really conservative, built it all myself. now the new owner is young also, drives it hard from what i know and no issues.

i just look at the used car for what it is. drive it, see how it feels, see how it was maintained if possible, ect. especially with an 03/04 cobra, nobody buys them to drive easy. i have fun in my car, but i dont abuse it. not the case for alot of cobra owners.

if you find a car in your price range and feel comfortable with it, i would jump on it. one by one, the clean cobra's are getting picked off. the owners mentality seems to have changed recently with svt going away too. buy it to keep for a long time, or buy it and wait to sell it for more.
and that's why i have settled for the 01. couldnt find a mach 1 i liked. cobra is much sexier and a got a convertible again. 03's are all overpriced at dealers and they wont come down. so i keep the 01 for 2-3 years, i'll be able to afford an 03 pretty easily seein that i'll be outta college next spring.