need ideas please engine problem

Ok guys need your help real bad. Ive posted about my car before and itd been like a month and still having problems. I will give you some history, I bought this engine from a buddy already assmbled and installed it and mass air converted at the same time. First problem i had was a big vacuum leak under the intake(had the wrong lower intake gaskets in it), then it would run kinda. Then i found that he forgot to put spacers under the non adjustable rockers causing the vavles to hang open alittle. Now the next problem ,,,,, It doesnt like to run at all on cold starts pops back through the intake has low engine vacuum, trys to idle at like 650 when the vacuum is low, All the sudden the vacuum will raise to like 10 through twelve and it will idle ok for ten seconds or so and then dump the vacuum. It smells super rich but has lean codes and unable to adjust idle speed during a koer selftest.. I know it sounds like a vacuum leak but i cant find one anywhere. I took the egr off and block it just to see, I have taken the msd off just to see if that changed anything, put it on a scope to see if it had an ignition problem none found, im out of ideas. The only other thing i can check is the cam timing ,,,Any ideas?????????? sorry for the long post


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