Need pics of FR500s on a vibrant red stang

Farmers SN95

Jun 2, 2006
I was thinking about geting some 18's silver or anthracite FR500 wheels for my car, but dont know how the would look on a Vibrant red car, if any one had pics, can you post them? silver or anthracite
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I dont have any pics, but I have seen silver, anthracite, and black on red stangs.

Black looked much better. Black and red go together great, and with your stripes you have it will look awesome.
I have look for some pics but cant find any 94-98 red stangs with FR500, like to see silver, or anthracite on one, If I like them I am going to sell my Cobra Rs.
If any one can find some pics on any red 94-98 Mustangs with FR500s can you post them?
If you REALLY dont want to go with black, then dont go with the anthracite unless you take off all your stripes. Gray and black ona red car wouldnt look that great IMO.

Black or silver is the only way to go if you want to keep your stripes.

Ill stay on the look out for pics too.