Need serious help


Dec 12, 2005
Tonganoxie, KS
If it aint one problem its another. OK heres the deal, I just got my idle problem taken care of I think. I just got the car Saturday and while out taking my cousin for a ride earlier I punched it in first and then hit second, pedal to the floor and it fell on its face. I mean when hit second and poped the clutch/hit the gas, nothing happened for about 2-3 seconds, I let off the gas and slowly got back on the gas and it then revved up about 2-3 seconds later. I have never had this happen in any of my other stangs so I dont got a clue what it is. Any ideas are appreciated. I was so excited too while we were just cruising around and of all thing I loved the stop signs cause it finally would idle and not die or surge on me but then got discouraged when the car fell on its face as bad as it did.:mad:
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I got on Summit Racing and looked at the tps's on there and they only show one for a 1991-1993 5.0 Mustang, why is that? And could a bad tps be my problem if it is not turning on my check engine light? I thought maybe the previous owner may have disconnected the light but it comes on while the key is on/engine is off so I know it works. I just know the car has hesitation when punching the gas and it was horrible last night. I hit the gas after going into 2nd and it would not rev up at all for about 2-3 seconds and I let off and eased into it. Thank you guys, I really appreciate the help.
lol, it has a full tank! I checked the air cleaner and it looks great, it is a brand new K&N filter. After reading the above, does it still sound like a bad tps to anyone else? I want to get a few more opinions before I just go out and start buying parts to throw at it.
You only noted an issue in 1st and second gear - if it's fine in all other gears, that would kind of rule out the TPS (though it's easy enough to test. An analog meter works best for testing it).

If you haven't, pull codes.

Good luck.
I would first check the TPS and then change the fuel filter. They tps should be around .97 volts at idle and have a smooth linear increase in voltage up to wide open throttle which should be in the 4.5-4.8 volts ballpark. Also monitor fuel pressure under load, could be fuel pump. dont punch the throttle in other gears like you do in 1st and 2nd, so you wont notice THAT problem in other gears. but it hesitates in other gears it could very well be the tps. check for codes!

i was told to repair my fuel injector harness. there is a clamped (not soldered :eek:) splice in the harness which is power for only the tps and the evp (egr valve position). if it gets hot it may fail and give you a high idle, check engine light, hesitation, or all three. if you have a high idle and you shut off and restart and it comes back, its usually a vacuum leak or the iac. if it doesnt come back, its usually the tps.

i know, more than you asked for, right? :D