Need to know what hoses I need!

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if you can tell me what hoses you're looking for, i can measure each one if you'd like... but i don't get why you couldn't do it yourself??? are you looking for inside diameter? or length? but yeah, tell me what you need and i can give you measurements. my upper is off right now but all the hoses are good and on the car.
well basically i can work with a picture and diameter. its just that when me and my friend were taking off the intake, some cracked and some had to be cut off. and we blindly threw them away. stupid move. its been delaying me ALOT
go to autozone and get some vacuum lines. the guys at the store should be able to hook you up with something that will fit.
or if you wanna drop some real cash you can get the silly cone vacuum lines that come in like 30 different colors
that's cause the guys at the Zone didnt want to deal with you. tell them you want to buy some vacuum hose and you arent sure of the size. ask to see the rolls of hose they have in the back. you should be able to eyeball the right size and if you still arent sure then you can always put a small hose clamp on it to make it tight.

There is also an ebay store that sells a silicone vacuum hose kit. it comes in like 20 colors.
yeah i actually have that silicone kit off ebay. heres a pic, not sure if it helps, but i can measure whatever you need, just let me know...