Need your help what car?


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Jan 2, 2007
I'm looking for a new car it's going to be a 07-08 cobra or a 05-08 c6.I wold like your input on both these car's what one would you pick and why.And dont just say the cobra cause your on a mustang web site. I have owned 3 mustangs a 92gt a 94gt and a 01 cobra vert and i'm not sure if i want another stang.Thans for your help and input.
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If you could get the Cobra (shelby) for sticker price, if that is the car you are talking about, then it would be a lot of car for the money! If you paid the stupid $$$ mark up people have been paying for them, then the Vette would be the way to go in my opinion, especially if you get a Z06. Those things have been turning low
11's in the quarter bone stock right off the showroom floor. Pretty impressive!!!
I think you would have to drive each of them to get a fair comparison.
At this point in time, because of the ridiculous mark up on the Shelby's I'd buy myself a Z06 in a heartbeat, Lotta Car
for the money!!!

See Ya Bill
THey are both fast cars, I think your decision will be based on looks. They are very different in that respect. The Vette is more refined with more gadgets and toys while the GT500 will give you more kick in the pants old school muscle car flavor if thats what you look for. I, personally, would go for the GT500 but I"m a nostalgic kind of guy....:)
It's kind of risky reccomending a vette over a stang on a mustang site, but I must admit, I'm in love with the look of the Z06, especially black.

And Jordan is 100% right, it really comes down to looks, and the vette will give you the newer look, while the Shelby is more reminiscent, so you kind of have to decide what you're after.
Everyone here will know how I would vote. I have alot of respect for the Mustangs. I had a 2003 Cobra and I loved it. Fast and Fun! All I can tell you I am VERY happy with my C6. I just went from a 2005 coupe to a 2006 Vert. The C6 is a very well refined car. I even pay less in insurance with the C6.

I have not driven a new body Mustang, but I do like the Gt500. I would buy one if I could afford to. That is, not replacing my C6. I looked at them and the dealers are jacking the price up sooooo bad. I looked at one here in Salem and they wanted $69K.

If you do by a C6 locally, try the Chevy dealership in Sandy. Do not pay MSRP. You can do better. These dealers around are asking over MSRP, they are nuts. Go to Corvetteforum and look at their sponsers. You can buy from one of them and do a courtesy delivery to your local dealer of choice. The C6 Z06 should be about MSRP. They have a Black one here in Salem. Very Nice.

You will have to drive them to really decide.

The Vette has better engineering. That's all that matters to me, I love my mustang, but if I were to buy new, I'd get the one with the more rigid chassis and better suspension geometry. The C6 got a lot of it's design improvements from the C5R, which was highly successful in many road racing classes, especially endurance racing.