New 2018 Mustang GT Owner


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May 6, 2021
Hi everyone. Yesterday I purchased a 2018 Mustang GT (6,700 miles) with the 10 speed automatic and I have a question. I have the annoying typewriter click from what I can tell. But everything I've read it will do zero harm to my engine. My main curiosity is regarding the way this transmission shifts. I mostly drive at lower speeds due to the town/city that I live in and it seems like this transmission shifts way to often and it makes the ride quality of the car kind of iffy.

I'm curious if you guys have noticed something similar to this? It seems to only happen in lower gears.

I'm having a PPI done Monday so I should learn a little more about what's going on with the car then.

Thanks for any responses!
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Take your Mustang GT A10 into the dealer and have them reflash the transmission software with the latest data update. This should smooth out the issues you are having with rough shifting and more. The engine tick can be reduced by adding a can of Ceratec to the engine oil as others have done with great results. The Coyote combined with the A10 are a rocket ship ride in Sport plus mode. Enjoy!