new body panel/self-etching primer?


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Apr 2, 2001
Rockwall, TX
Since digging into this thing back in october and working on it all the time, I have finally almost got a shell of a car together. I just finished the quarter panels, and I think I'm done with the metal. My question is, what should I prime them with? I know "self-etching primer," but I haven't seen anything like that in a rattle can. I don't really have the equipment to spray it myself. Is there anything good that comes in a can, or do I need to buy/rent equipment to get these panels coated? I'm doing the rest of the stuff (trunk, wheelhouses, floor) with POR-15. Thanks:banana:

:edit: I coated the back sides of the panel with rust oleum white bare metal primer. Is that good enough for the outsides?

:edit again: I haven't made a final decision on paint yet, but I'm probably going to give the "$50 paint job" with rust-oleum a shot.

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I'm sure that you'll get different opinions on this but don't use anything in a can. Use a good epoxy primer. Your car is worth doing right. A self etching primer will work but the epoxy is much better. You can put it on clean bare metal that has been scuffed.

A good place to find info or ask questions is on the body forum.
rolling on the paint

Let me know when you get to the "$50 paint job"

I did mine about a year ago, and it still looks great. Cost me $102 after it was all said and done and I found it to be fun. I can help you avoid a lot of rework and frustration.