My 93 4v Fox

History on the car...So my passion for foxbodys really came from my dad. He had multiple foxbodies but unfortunately growing up could never finish them cause of money and taking care of us kids well anyways long story short I am determined to finally see one complete done in my family and done right! This car is going to the grave with me! My oldest is 17 and has a 15 GT which is FAST and my wife has a 03 GT that is mildly modified.

This is my 2nd foxbody 4th mustang tho..the first one I bought in MI after I sold a 63 Fairlane roller. It was 1990 5.0 Manual I didn't really know too much about foxes all but later found out it was it was hiding cancer.. badly. All the floors were rotted out and it wet up into the firewall. It's the black LX hatch on the trailer in the photos. It didn't run which I believe it sat outside for 2 years. Anyways I finally got it running and it was spitting oil out of exhaust. So me and my oldest stripped the car down as you can see in the picture with engine out of it cause I found a 1993 LX 4cyl car from south Carolina. So i scrapped the black one amd started over. The red 93 it had absolutely no rust anywhere on it except the hood was full of rust never seen anything like it. I picked it up in 2016 and drove it 60 miles home and Holy cow are those 4 cyl autos SLOW!! My wife was calling me on the free way to speed up!! I CANT IM GOING AS FAST I CAN! LOL

I got her home and almost immediately started prepping her for paint. It's a blue candy paint. Metallic Black base coat with a blue candy over the I painted. Painting a car is not for the weak ill tell you that. It looks blue in the sun and black any other time... oh and sometimes purple. You can see my wife slaving away on the car.. and yes she works on cars too. She runs circles around most guys especially on electrical.

The car so far has a beefed up suspension from NPD. A 5 lug swap the rear end is out of the black 90 lx with 3.73 gears and mosur axles. It is lowered 1.5 inches. The interior is complete stock which I NEED to change out the grandma seats. But I have the dash out of the 5.0 I still keep to put in. New rubber seals all around. I was originally gonna put a 347 and t5 that I was gonna put but lost interest in that idea. So I picked up a whole front sub frame for a 2003 Mustang gt brakes springs everything upfront for 20 bucks! I took it all apart and had the k member powder coat. New edge rack and pinion, stiffer sway bar, New lowering springs nothing to crazy. I would like to get sub frame connectors soon.

The engine is out of a crashed 97 lincoln Mark 8 that I picked up this summer for 500 bucks that I drove about 3 hours for and was told it had 62k miles on it I popped a valve cover and it looks almost brand new so it definitely was taking car of and confirmed lower mileage. I will be putting it in in the car soon so it fills the empty hole. I would like to pick up a tr3650 and clutch pedals. I took a screen shot of the things I need to do to get this thing going. I still need a pcm which I'll probably pick up online or the junk yard. Still need exhaust since the ones on here is cut so if onyone has a pcm and or exhaust that will work in a fox would be awesome! Anyways I'm sure I'm missing a million things but here ya go!


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One thing to consider, back in the day you needed the factory computer and harness there really wasn't anything else, something i have done.
Nowadays i would just skip to the holley 4v kit. You will need a chip and or to make the odbII port work, then someone to program it and remove the pats otherwise.
Yes pricey, but i think it may be worth the extra cost.
Also keep in mind that a 4v takes up way more room than a 5.0 and while i'm not the throw a k member at every project type of guy, some things are a nightmare to do from the top so an open k member below makes life much easier.
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Yes I would love to get a holley standalone and a tubular k member. For now the drivetrain setup is gonna be budget and as time goes on I will make it better and do improvements I do have a k member from a new edge that I got for 20 bucks on top of other things cause I heard the foxbody k members are slightly different. I plan on just setting the engine in without mounting to anything for now to mock things up as far as wiring but I will eventually be getting exhaust before fully mounting everything up.
The new edge k will work, i think you just need to trim it a little. I can't remember exactly, but i think maybe it has 2 extra holes somewhere.
Personally, i don't think you need to go through the trouble of mocking it up.
It's going to fit and there aren't a lot of custom parts needed that can't be done with the engine installed.
What i would absolutely do first is the hydroboost with the maximum motorsports kit.
It's nearly impossible to do with an engine in the car.

Snag a 96+ K-member from someone who thinks they are nothing but scrap metal. You can either go hydroboost or manual brakes. Not a fan of manual but that decision is yours. But have that all in place before dropping the engine in.

As for the mark 8 engine, are you keeping the original intake or going 96-98 cobra? What's your plan for the IMRC's?
I've modified the back section of the k member where it bolts right underneath the firewall. Also besides the actually hydroboost do you know what all of needed to swap all that in? I'm assuming there's some mounting hardware needed. I heard that the 96-98 hyrdroboost is easier as it's shorter for the swap then the 99-04 but Idk how true that is.

As far as the intake I've already been marketplace shopping for a good one. The prices for those are all over the place from 200-750 for the 96-98 intakes. But yes that's the plan for the that. I also needed to grab a head cooling mod kit. The IMRCs I need to learn more about I know what there for but as far as what controls them I'm not sire about. I heard people either leave them alone or they have left then wide open or bought a delete kit for them. There is a module on the back of block but I havent got into where to plug what in and what powers it yet.


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If you delete them, you lose a little low end torque you can make up for that with gears.

As for the hydroboost, I recommend the Max Motorsports install kit to bolt it in. They recommend the 99-04 version for better brake feel. Once it’s bolted in, you can probably snag a 99-04 hydroboost line setup on eBay for about $100 as I think it would still work on the mark 8 motor.

I have hydro on my fox and did a custom line setup, but the MM kit made bolting it into the car a very easy process. Downside is the $$$$
Yeah Ill probably end up deleting them as it will be one less part to go bad in the furture if there not bad already . I have 373 in the back so it should help like you said

I looked that MM kit up right after reading it and yeah 250 seems steep for that but I'll manage. It seems that most of the big mustang websites have them. Ill add it to my christmas list. I feel like I've been doing nothing but research so this is good info
And yes I do believe the Mark 8 power steering pump is in the same location as the cobras and the 2v I am pretty sure.

As far as transmissions what did you use? I wanna sell this 4r70w and pick up a tr3650 my question is I have a foxbody crossmemeber for the 4cyl transmission which I doubt will work. The v8 trans cross member will work correct? Or will I have to modify it?
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I use the same TKO600 that I used with my last pushrod engine, just with a new bellhousing.
Stifflers crossmember, but it's not absolutely necessary.

I'm guessing you can use the 3650 but is there a provision to run the speedometer?

For the hydro, you can really use either one.
I'd buy all new hose repro's.
But i had bad experience using old hoses and NOS hoses. The o rings (some of which are not serviceable) dry rot and no matter what you do they leak. I'm normally a big fan or original, but going original used and NOS probably lost me $300 and oddly enough the repro worked first time for $30.

My exhaust also lined up. I used 03 cobra factory headers, 96 cobra bassani X pipe (3 piece, do not attempt to use a one piece if they are still around) and my foxbody catback.
Nice looking project you have there, I'll certainly follow along on your build! It looks like you might have already finished the paint on it, if so, show off some more pics of it completed please!
Here are some more photos when I painted the car. Again the car was in really good shape. My wife bought me a Cobra R hood and I fixed a dent thats amount as much body work other then prepping the surface I needed to do. I went with a black basecoat with a cobalt blue candy 2k Urethane.


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Alright so I got the engine dry fitting into the engine bay. Been pretty busy with other things so I'm just now getting around to it. For the 4v foxbody guys. What did you do with the modules and cables that control the imrc cause I could not slide the engine on its mounts with those on the back of the block. They are sitting above the engine against the firewall right now as you can see in the picture


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