New clocks


Nov 1, 2019
South Yorkshire U.K.
Hi friends, long time since I’ve posted as the mustang has hardly moved since this virus appeared, but recently I’ve begun the process of improving things. With this car being an import to the U.K. from Japan it has a speedo set in kilometres so I thought a change to a mph speedo would be a good start.
I found a speedo online and arranged to have it programmed to match the rest of the cars systems, what a nice improvement it’s made, the clocks I chose were new old stock for a v8 cobra gt but everything fits and works fine until...
Today I had to move the car, it’s been laid up in the garage since the new clocks were fitted, I only did about half a mile on the test run so I was shocked when that half mile was no longer showing on the odometer. I put another few tenths on the clock, disconnected the battery for a while then reconnected it, the mileage again had gone, after speaking to the supplier he suggested putting on a couple of miles, which I did, disconnected and reconnected the battery, happily the mileage stayed on the clock this time.
Hopefully next year I’ll get plenty of opportunity to clock up a few miles.
Be careful and stay well
Regards Bill
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WAIT,you now have a pair?
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Apr 3, 2009
Glad to here it's ok,you know sometimes when they sit for long they take a nap.