new clutch and fly wheel


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Mar 12, 2010
i have a 2003 mach 1 i was wondering how hard it would be to replace the clutch and fly wheel and what are some good clutches and fly wheels for the mach 1? will it make a significant difference?
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Hey Suzukikid, Your best bet is to do a search on this forum as far as replacing your clutch goes. The best flywheel and clutch setup depends totally on who you are asking and what their preference or experience is. I just installed a spec billett flywheel and a spec stage 2 clutch set-up. One thing I have heard is to buy a FRPP throw-out bearing instead of using the one from spec, apparently they are not very good.


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Jun 12, 2006
Palm Harbor, FL
Its a very challenging task if you are asking how hard I do not think you should attempt it.
Definitely agree here. If you came here saying I own a ______ and clutch changes are easy, how much more difficult is a _________. Then I we would be more than happy to explain.

The 94-04's are actually quite easy, if you have the right tools. Use the search function on this forum and google it too, you will find several walkthroughs to change a clutch and flywheel. I would also highly suggest installing MM's quadrant and firewall adjuster too.


Mar 30, 2005
Dallas, TX
McLeod clutches are, hands down, the best I've used. Give them a call and they'll set you up with a clutch to fit your needs. I got the basic single-disc street clutch, pressure plate, and steel flywheel, and it held 308 RWHP with no problem at all. 100s of track passes and my daily driver, and it's got 35,000 miles on it now and still going strong. A buddy has their twin disk setup and loves it compared to others he's tried. He upgraded to their ceramic friction material recently to hold his 636 RWHP setup. So far it's working perfect and still engages smoothly.