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Sep 27, 2018
Marysville OH
Hi all - I just picked up my "new to me" black 71 Mach 1 last week. Its the second Mustang I have owned, but that first was over 30 years ago (it was a black 78 Mustang II).

I spent a bit of time looking, and found what I believe to be the straightest and cleanest body I could find - it is a turnkey car, in a very drivable condition, so not just a good roller. The metal has never been cut as far as I can tell, and its very clean and straight. The bottom is also exceptionally good compared to most of the cars I have looked at.

The car is really about 90% complete - some missing interior and trim items, does not have the Mach 1 stripes or hood paint yet, exhaust does not have the tailpipes (it's got a relatively new exhaust up to and including mufflers), and a few interior electrical bugs to work out - so it is a good drivable, working project (I love tinkering so right up my alley). The car attracted me because of the condition of the body/frame/chassis. everything is clean, all bushings are less than 5 or 6 years old, very good shape. Engine is a 351 Cleveland with the larger ports and open combustion chamber - but it looks a budget build, and I expect I will go through it within a year anyway. I'm sure I will find more, but that pretty well sums the car up. I am going through and changing/flushing all fluids for my own peace of mind this week.

Just introducing myself and looking for any help anyone is willing to offer - I will post threads as I tackle different items along the way. I believe I will attack the interior and electrical stuff this winter. Looking forward to it!

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Hiya and welcome aboard. You should begin by creating a progress thread in the Talk section of the Classic forums. Nice looking ride man. Looking forward to seeing how it goes. :SN: