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Feb 24, 2021
Hi all;

I've been into Mustangs for a long time and owned several... currently have a 1967 coupe with a 390/C6 and a 1993 LX notch 2.3/T5.

I got the '93 dirt cheap two years ago from the estate of the original owner, had 32,000 well-documented miles on it. Paint was a bit faded in spots but no rust and no dents. Needed tires and had either a bad clutch quadrant or a stretched cable. I drove it around town some but not too much as I never fixed the clutch... windshield got broken and when we took the glass out we found about a 1/2" rust hole in the lower corner of the windshield frame. That was a year and a half ago, car has sat in my garage since. I cut the needed section from a junk car the other day and will be starting work on the car this week.

I might put a Windsor motor in it someday but will be sticking with the Lima for now. I have plenty of fast cars and like the 4 cyl. Mustang for its relative fuel economy. Looking forward to being part of the community here.
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