New guy who needs some assistance

Hi everyone,

I myself don't actually own a mustang, but, my Grandfather owns a 99 Mustang Cobra convertible that he bought new. So, I am here on his behalf.

But, its a 99 Cobra, nothing done to it whatsoever. Has all the factory recall stuff, since they weren't making the power they were promised...and he even has his vin # embroidered leather jacket :p 151,000 miles, he decided it was finally time to get new rear brakes (don't ask...its just the way he is, and he somehow gets away with We told him 5 years ago he needed them, but, they just started squeaking, so, he got new rotors and new pads, and I'm going to install them.

Well...I dissaembled everything, got the new rotor on, and went to put the new pads on, so, I needed to push the piston in.
Being a Chrysler guy, I simply put the C-clamp on there and tried it, when it hit me, these brakes probably need to be screwed in. So, I went and got the tool.

Now, I was unsure which way it turned, so, I simply turned it right...nothing happened. So, I turned it left, and the piston came out about 1/4".

oops, wrong way.

So, I tried it the other way. The problem is, I can't get it back in to save my life.

I've been putting pressure on it and turning it simaltaneously. I even went so far as to get an air ratchet so I can focus on only putting pressure on it. I tried that putting enough pressure on that it was slowing the gun down...all the piston is doing is spinning. After about 45 minutes of messing with it, I give up. And, its too far out now where I can't even put the original pads on it just so it can be moved around.

So...that being said...I feel like an So, anyone have any pointers or advice for me? I'm basically the one that does most of the maintainance on his car, so, I'll be back here. :D

Thanks guys, and, hello again. :) Sorry to come on here with such
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well...went and got a better tool and I got the piston, I'm having problems getting the caliper on.

The pads seem like they are about a 1/16" too thick. I pushed/turned the piston back in far enough that the rubber boot is actually higher than the piston now. I have the right pads? They look exactly like the ones I took out, only with actual life left in them.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.