new pullies=shorter belt?wtf


May 5, 2005
ok here's the drill.i replaced my steel march u/d pullies with the polished and powder coated aluminum ones.and i replaced the power steering,idler and tensioner pullies with polished ones i got from,thanks goes out to the "king of bling" for the hookup on those.i had to bring the alt. pulley to work and have it milled out cuz it was too thick,the alt nut only grabed 2 threads with the new pulley on it.i think march put the wrong alt pulley in the box cuz it has a cover for it so you cant see the nut.well the only u/d pulley like that from them is for the foxbody cars.anyways,i had to get and 80.5 belt instead of the 81.6 that i was running.i hope this does not effect my hp in any way.sorry this is so long guys.but do you think it will effect the hp in any way?
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wow, finally..... someone else ran into the same problem as me with the march alum pullies. my alternator pulley was too thick as well, and everyone looked at me like i was nuts when i mentioned this they just said theirs worked fine... plus mine came with the same cover you were talking about, and a split ring lock washer that would not fit, infact if i put the washer on the nut wouldnt even catch any threads. as far as your shorter belt goes, if thats what it takes to make a belt fit, then there should be no other problems in the set up. by the way, who did you have mill the pulley for you? and where did you mill it from, the inside of the pulley (the frontside)? as of now, i've been running the stock alt. pulley just because i couldnt get the march one to work, which is a shame since the alt. pulley is the most show off piece of the three
a guy at work put it on a lathe in our machine shop and milled out the front where the nut goes on.all he did was measure the difference in depth from the front lip on the other pulley and milled the aluminum one to that depth,not sure of the difference though.after he did that it fit all you have to do is measure the difference between the 2 and find a machine shop to do it for you.