New Shelby GT350H to be at New York Auto Show???

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tylers65 said:

Anyone care to speculate about the powertrain?

I have seen a LOT of baseless speculation, but only ONE credible rumor.

The one credible rumor is that it will have a "tuned" 4.6L, 3V putting out 320 HP.

There have been rumors for over a year that a 320 HP 3V was on the way, so there is some support to the 320 HP rumor. Anyone who has seen a stock 4.6L, 3V dyno graph has seen how the max HP flattens out @ ~5,000 RPM to 6,000 RPM. This flat HP says that something is artificially limiting HP on the 3V and it would be relatively easy to get another 20 HP out of it.