New Tires?

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What size?

If you are looking for the stock 245/45/17's you have alot of choices.

Sumitumos are a good budget tire, but you sacrafice a little performance for less cost. They arent horrible but there are better tires. Im running the HRT-Z's in a 315-35-17 size on the back and they stick well cornering, but straight line traction isnt much to speak for.

Ive used Federal Super-Steele (I think thats what they were) and they worked good for me, I dont think they are too expensive. They lasted a while even with bad alignment and stuck well for what they were.

Now im running some General Exclaim UHP's up front and they do a great job. I paid $86 a tire from a good deal IMO.
For the money the Sumitomo's are great tires. I've had them for 2 years and have been plenty happy with them. A lot of people think they're crap though so I'm sure you'll see a few of those responses. The Nitto Extreme555's are nice tires, and just about all the BFG's are worthy.
are you running the 315's on the stock wheel? any rubbing?

Nah, they wouldnt fit a 17x8, or whatever was stock on my car.

Im running them on a deep dish 10.5" wide Bullitt wheel. They look sick...:nice:

And nope, no rubbing. Hardly any 99-04 guys have rubbing issues with a staggered tire setup.

If anything depending on what catback you have and how the tail pipes are lined up you may have some SLIGHT rubbing on them, but its unlikely and isnt too hard to fix usually.

Heres a few pics...



Speaking of new tires....I have an '04 GT with 35,000 miles on it and need new tires. It is all stock. I'm pretty happy with the original equipment tires, but new ones are almost 200 apiece. Someone suggested I try Nexen 3000 tires by Dunlop. I can buy a set online for about 350, but I'm a believer in the saying "you get what you pay for." Has anyone tried these tires, and what do you think? I live in Florida.
I recently posted my new track times in the talk section, incase you didn't read it I did a 12.9 N/A pass on Sumitomo tires. they were the cheapest ones I could find and I am impressed with them (maybe because I didn't except much). I had MT DR's previously and was not all that happy with them, expensive, didn't last long, and my 60' times still sucks even with them aired down.

in short, my vote goes to Sumitomo. take the saved money and make your car faster :nice:
What size?

Now im running some General Exclaim UHP's up front and they do a great job. I paid $86 a tire from a good deal IMO.

I'm running the General Exclaim UHP on all four corners and I'm impressed with them. I replaced the stock gators with these.
My only complaint is that the sidewall is a little soft, however it doesn't seem to effect cornering speed but it doesn't have the riding on rails feeling the Gators had.

Great bang for the buck though.

My next choice would be Nitto 555 or Falkens. Maybe BFG Sport Comp TA (not the KDW line).