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New Member
Oct 20, 2013
Lancaster, CA
Hello all!

I am the proud owner of a 99 v6 Mustang. I have owned and driven her since I was 16 (I am now 25.) My baby's name is Layla.

I joined the forums because I wanted to be able to access a wealth of knowledge about my car. Recently she has been leaking gas. I got under her to discover the fuel filler gasket was terribly cracked. This is my first time working on my car by myself, so I employed the search powers of google and found a post here on stang net on the general idea of how to replace the gasket.

I am currently awaiting for the gasket to come in, I had to special order it from auto zone. Right now she is sitting in my garage with a very empty and disconnected fuel tank. (Pushing her into the garage was a pain! Lol!)

Now that I have a taste of working on my own car, I want to continue with putting in modifications! The first mod I have lined up is a SR CAI from american muscle. I look forward to the experience and knowledge I gain from being a part of these forums!
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