New valve covers


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Aug 5, 2003
Replaced my black "Mustang Powered By Ford" valve covers with some aluminum, ribbed, Cal Customs that I bought over EBay. They have ribs that come down the front and back that are deeper than the "MPBF's"They give it a much more vintage look as opposed to the modern look of the previous. Anyone got any really neat ones that they wanna brag about?
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Those look pretty cool when you paint in between the ribs.
Use the same color as your block.
Tape off the ribs on each side, then paint the ribs. Now use a stout paint remover or nail polish remover on a cotton ball to remove the paint off of the tops of the ribs.
This leaves only the paint down inside the ribs and the rest of the bare aluminum can be polished or left as is... whatever you like.
I did this with a set of vintage Edelbrocks. The polished outside, ribs, and lettering looked great, but they also looked integral to the engine by being color matched.
Just an idea.