New video shows flared fender profile


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May 24, 2004
Ok finally in this burnout you can clearly see how my rear fenders come straight down behind the wheels..I pulled them out about 21/2 inches. Now this is a video about pizza but the stang is in the first few seconds after my daughter please don't harass me if you decide to watch the whole is a good burnout but the 285 ecsta tires really don't smoke they just love to grip and shred.
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oh ya, the little sticker on the back :SNSign: says don't tread on me.
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yall should try it while the chick drives the car. i would LOVE to see that. proly would pay to see it. hell...i know i would . i would give $10 to see a monkey try and hump a basketball.

moving waxed car+socks = FAIL