Expired 01 Cobra Fully Built 5.0 Stroker Socal

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Doc Hawk

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Nov 3, 2009
San Diego, CA - $7944 or trades considered
See video below for some ear candy, even if you aren't shopping.

This is a heavily customized 2001 Cobra with a fully rebuilt and upgraded motor that has gone from a 4.6L Modular to a 5.0L stroker. The chassis and suspension has been upgraded to match, from chassis stiffening and heavy duty bushings to a completely upgraded suspension - and remember, the 01 Cobra features an INDEPENDENT REAR SUSPENSION to slap those Porsches and Hondas in the corners!

There are over $18,000 in upgrades in this car.





Professionally dyno-tuned 450HP Engine specs first:
Fully forged bottom end from Modular Motorsports Racing!
1500 HP rated Forged Stroker steel racing crankshaft made in USA by KELLOG
10.5 compression ratio on flat top pistons with 6cc dish (max safe CR on 91 octane)
MMR 4340 Forged H-beam rods with ARP bolts
MANLEY Forged flat top pistons
Tool steel piston pins
Total Seal moly rings
Clevite Performance Rod and Main bearings
Mildly ported heads
Oversize valves
COMP Cam adjustable timing gears
COMP 106060 Stage 2 performance 4V/32V camshafts - smog legal
High Volume Oil Pump
Upgraded 42# fuel injectors from stock 24# - rated to 550RWHP
SVT Racing high-flow fuel pump in tank
FRP timing kit
Custom-tuned engine, programmed on the dyno
Borla catback exhaust
Upgraded ignition and wires... more than I can remember.

Exedy Mach 400 Stage 2 Clutch - GRIPS but STREETABLE!
4.10 Limited slip rear end - ROCKETS this ship from 0 to the speed limit and takes your breath away!
Urethane front and rear IRS differential mounts to reduce high-HP wheel hop and drivetrain vibration.
Maximum Motorsports reinforced differential mount

Chassis and Suspension:
Fully welded subframe connectors for precise handling and increased stiffness
Sport lowering springs on all four corners
Heavy duty race performance struts
Complete urethane bushing upgrade
Suspension balanced by season-champion race driver and crew (don't worry - this car wasn't raced)
At asking price, car will include the original Cobra rims and good tires as well as aftermarket ultra-wide rims and tires specifically track-tuned for just the right amount of throttle-controllable oversteer. Not for the beginner driver - even with the electronic traction control, overuse of the go pedal in the corners will result in the back end stepping out. HUGE footprint on meaty 295's.

Appearance and comfort:
Touch-screen DVD/Nav/backup camera/iPod entertainment system
Shelby shift knob
Cobra grille emblem
Cobra valve stem caps
14-in low profile antenna
Refreshed interior in 2013
Replaced convertible top in 2013
Convertible top button cover for cruising
Aftermarket widebody rims
Fog light upgrade

...and much, much more.

Selling because it is time to let go and settle into 5-seat cars for my 5-person family. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind car and know how or are willing to learn how to handle it, this is the one you've been waiting for. The suspension and chassis combined with the IRS (independent rear suspension) in this era's Cobra leaves the competition quivering in your dust in the corners, and the 4.10 gearing combined with the 5.0L stroker motor provides a visceral launch and acceleration past 120 (in a legal, controlled environment of course) before you can catch your first breath.

Why try to describe it? The Borla exhaust can be heard here:
View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSl-xxcTCts

The price is reduced because the head gaskets are probably ready to be replaced. The engine is threatening to overheat after about 15 minutes of driving. I have stopped driving it before it has overheated, so that the heads are not warped and the motor is not damaged. It has never started running rough or overheated and shut down. It has happened twice, now, and I am already on to my next project. Therefore, rather than devote the time and $800 or more to address the overheating issue, I'd like to pass on the project to someone who wants to invest in this devastating performance machine.

Please don't write in asking me if this car has been babied. No, silly. I didn't build a chassis-stiffened, suspension-tuned, 450HP performance-enhanced monster to go get groceries at 25 MPH. I have only taken it to two track days (didn't feel comfortable in a convertible without a cage - I just wanted to tune the suspension and then prove my tune), but I drive it just the way it begs to be driven - and it loves it. No groans, complaints, or breakage - this Mustang is built to RUN.

Never wrecked, clean carfax, runs and drives - no joyrides, but I'd be happy to take a prospective buyer with cash in hand for a demo drive.
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