Nitrous-- Please Help!!!

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nitrous is perfectly safe on a stock motor provided you are smart about it..

dry kit= the nitrous kit injects only the nitrous, the cars fuel system has to compensate for the fuel

wet kit= the nitrous kit injects nitrous and fuel at the same time.

i would NOT under any circumstances go with a dry kit. while they do work fine, it pushes your injectors alot closer to their maximum output.. as well, for myself i dont like the fact that the car has to "compensate" for the nitrous being sprayed in, while the kits are designed this way, common sence would show that there would be a very small lean condition every time you hit the juice, until the injectors catch up..

and nitrous + lean = :( ... so to give myself peace of mind, i have a wet kit.

with that said, regardless of wich kit you use there are certian saftey features that you definately should get.

saftey gear: WOT(wide open throttle) switch.. makes it so that your nitrous is only active during wide open throttle

colder plugs (hotter burning plugs, like plattinum's are BAD with nitrous, 2 heat ranges colder than stock are usually perfect

window switch = makes it so the nitrous only sprays between set rpm (3000-5800 is perfect IMO) this stops the chance of a backfire, or of fuel puddling in the intake, wich would mean kaboom.

blowdown tube: if the bottle pressure reaches and unsafe level, it vents the nitrous, saving a kaboom.

not needed, but reccomended:

purge, keeps air out of the line, so you get a "full" hit if spray every time

bottle heater: keep the pressure at 1000 psi where it is optimal
I would go with a Zex wet kit. Not only is the price on par with the other brands, the Zex kit is TPS activated. When your TPS reaches WOT the unit comes on automatically. Most people ditch the "button" for a window switch anyway. And unlike a window switch all you need to do inorder to shut thew unit off is let of the gas. Plus Zex kits can be installed in 2-3 hours...easy.

If the Zex kit isn't to your liking, the NX kits are very high quality as well and work like no other. The NX kits with the shark nozzle are a little more advanced in terms of the power they can make.

I used to be NX all the way but my buddy has a 05 Mustang that he put a Zex kit on and it works great and installed in 2 hours. I liked it so much I bought one.
The zex kits are beginning to look very appealing to me.

I've had a NOS kit installed on my car before and it did it's job though I wish I could have had an NX.

NX or Zex in my opinion :nice: