No cluster lights


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Aug 22, 2006
Rotterdam, NY
I just took my car out for a ride and when I stomped on the gas hard the instrument cluster lights went out.
When I got home I checked the fuses and found that the cluster fuse was blown. I replaced it and it blew again and then once more. Now it doesnt do anything- no more blown fuses and still no lights. A test light on the fuse doesnt light up.

What happened now and how do I try to fix this? I swear its one thing after another with this car lately.
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Does this help?


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ok, well thats a start then. which fuse did you check? fuse 4 (15 amp) or fuse 13 (5 amp)... you may want to pull out the headlight switch and check for burned terminals. i dont see how hitting the gas would do anything to the lights, must just have been a coincidence.
I had checked fuse #13 and it was bad earlier so I replaced the fuse (the one I mentioned above).
I just checked #4 (it was a 15 amp in my car) and it was blown. I replaced it and now have parking lights and dash lights. However, the dash lights only work with the dimmer right before the point where the dimmer turns on the dome light.
Im going to take it for a ride now and see what happens.
Going back and forth does nothing to it.

I blew another fuse (#4) just when I left the driveway, replaced it and then blew #13 but after replacing that fuse its been fine and I took a drive and nothing bad happened.
Ill pick up a dimmer when I get a chance.