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For some time now, I have been able to check a list of the 4,628 VINs I have for the 1999 35th Anniversary "Limited Edition" GT.

But before you send me a VIN# lets clear a few things things up.

Here are the details.

1999 "Limited Edition" GT

Option 54Y. $2695 option included: hood scoop, side scoops, different rocker side moldings, polished wheels w/ black inserts, black hood decal, silver/aluminum colored dash & shifter knob, different rear wing, special logo floor mats, silver leather door inserts, silver leather trimmed seats, black honeycomb inserts between rear taillights.

Came in four colors ONLY...Performance Red,Black,White and Silver. Performace Red was a specific color only offered in 1999 on the "Limited Edition" GT.

This is not to be confused with the simple side badging on ALL '99 Mustangs(except Cobra) that represent the 35th Anniversary of Mustang. This was a limited pkg only.

If you do not have these features on your GT, it is not a "Limited Edition" GT.
I do not have any information on other 1999 Mustangs.

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