35th anniversary question

Adriano S.

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Aug 4, 2021
Hi there my name is Adriano and I'm writing you from Switzerland . I own 2 SN95 stangs , a 2003 cobra convertible and a 96 mystic cobra.

I have a question regarding the 1999 35 anniversary edition. Did they ever use the 3.8 V6 engine on those 35th ? ( on the net zio see some cars for sale which are V6 , literature and Ford brochures speak say they had to be only Gt 4.6 ) . Second question : apart the 4 colors ( red , black , white and silver ) as far as you know, have there been any other colors used on the 35th anniversary edition , maybe some special order cars ecc ? I m asking those question cause on an Italian forum , a guy owns a green 1999/2000 3.8 convertible car ( has been a bit modified ) , but he claims his car is a 35th edition...
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Feb 18, 2001
The 1999 35th anniversary edition was a GT only option.

2,318 GT coupes and 2,310 GT convertibles. No V6 was offered with the anniversary package, but ALL 1999 Mustangs (except cobra) shipped with a badge on the fender that says "35th anniversary" which tends to lead to a lot of confusion

A "35th Anniversary Limited Edition" appearance option package came on 2,318 GT coupes and 2,310 GT convertibles. Available only in black, silver metallic, white, and red, they featured a body-colored hood scoop, rear spoiler, side scoops and rocker panels, a blacked-out panel between the taillamps, and 17 by 8-inch (200 mm) five-spoke aluminum wheels; while the Interiors included black leather and vinyl seats with silver inserts and pony logo, aluminum shift knob, a unique instrument cluster with 35th anniversary script, silver and black floor mats with 35th anniversary logo, and silver door trim inserts.


For 2004 Ford did a 40th anniversary edition. For that year, you could get a V6 and a GT with the dedicated anniversay package. But, just like 1999, all 2004 Mustangs(except cobra) received the 40th anniversary badge.

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