No vacuum at fuel pressure regulator


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May 7, 2005
Boston, MA
I just noticed that my adjustable fuel pressure regulator doesn't use vacuum. I have fuel pressure set to 42 lbs. It seems to be steady while at idle or while driving. Why do most of the FPR's I see need vacuum? Would this cause my car to run rich and smell like gas all the time?
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Is there a brand name on this thing?

I don't remember ever seeing an aftermarket regulator that did not have an input from the intake manifold (boost/vac).

I want to hear what comes of this.
No, there is no brand name on it. I've never seen one like this either. It bolts up in the stock location and almost looks like the stock FPR. It is definitely adjustable because when I bought the car the fuel pressure was set to about 50lbs so I adjusted it back down to 42lbs. There is a screw on the top of it(looks like a set screw) for making adjustments.
I have heard of folks taking a stock regulator and putting a bolt in it to use as an adjuster. I have never seen it done before.
Can you get some pics of this thing? Even if they are not that great they should help others a great deal in figuring out what you have.

Then again you do have a boosted application, so all of my thoughts should be taken with a grain of salt.
I also am not great with Boosted app's but in stock form, the puter expects that pressure delta with respect to manifold-vac change per-time.

Like Jason said, even if it was stock with a bolt added to the hat, it would still probably have the vac nipple on it.

That's kinda interesting. Might be a thread for the turbo site if you think it's blower specific.

Good luck.
Here is the only pic I have. You can see it behind the TPS wires. I don't have any close up pics right now but it does look similar to the stock FPR. Doesn't the stock one use vacuum though? There is nowhere on this thing to hook up a vacuum line.