Non mustang related, Any Suggestions though?


Mar 26, 2009
Metro Detro
Hey guys, i recently let my brother drive my lexus gs 300 when it was a crazy snow storm here a few days ago. When he made a turn the car decided to go straight into a post that dented the front bumper. The worst part is that there was a concrete slab under that was cover by the snow. It hit the k-member and bent it considerably. The alignment on the car went berserk, and the gear shift is all ouf of place so when it says neutral its really in drive. The car itself runs horrible the oil pan is dented in and the exhaust snapped i think. It currently has 139k miles on it so im thinking the insurance company will probably total it. It sucks because i just love that car and took excellent care of it. I was looking at kbb today and they rated it a 1999 gs300 with 139k miles for only 5 grand but NADA rated it at like 8500. Do you guys know which one the insurance companies base it off of? I wonder how much they will give me i payd 16k for the thing 3 years ago. snow suckss
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Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
Prob the lower value more than anything.

Don't take it if ou think the car is worth more. Start researching what '99 GS300's are selling for with similar miles. Gather the info and be prepared to present it to the insurance company. You may have to fight.