Noob Needs some help (Exhaust)


New Member
Jul 3, 2004
SE Mich
OK I am going to get a MaC offroad H pipe for my 02 Gt.
This is the Pipe I was looking at. MAC Offroad H 2.5 inch.
Right now I am stock except for Flowmaster 40 Delta flows that are 2.25 inches. I guess I need to know if I can use the 2 and a half inch H pipe with 2.25 mufflers. Also kinda want to make sure this pipe will fit the car before I buy it. It is an 02 Gt automatic stock headers and all that except for the 2.25 inch delta flows.

Also are the MIL Eliminators the only thing I need to keep my Engine light from coming on?
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It will fit, but persoanly, i would look at a Dr. Gas or Magnaflow. Magnaflow is all SS and Dr. Gas is prolly one of the best out there. MAC is good, but i would go with Dr. Gas. Then i would sell the mufflers and go to Magnaflow and get an SS kit because Magnaflow flows better than the Flowmaster. Then again, if you like the sound, i guess you could keep it. But for peformance thats what i would do. :shrug:
Yes. The exhaust needs a set of flow tubes. They are basically adapters that go from one size to another. I have a 2.5" Dr. Gas X-pipe feeding the stock 2.25" exhaust on my car.