not so loud exaust


Hey guys, guess what--I have a bi-pass!!!
i just sold a mustang and now i have the want for another i have found one but they say it needs new exaust and since its going to be a car i am planning to drive often i want a quieter exaust than the usual loud as you can get it. i will be running cats and all smog equipment that was standard. but i still want that good performance sound just toned down.
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i was running dynomax superturbos w/cats when i got my car and it was sooooo quiet. quieter than stock from what ive heard. it still sounded really good. i would have compared it to the interior exhaust noise of an 03/04 cobra at wot. just sounded like alot of moving air with minimal rumble. made it a great sleeper but now i have o/r h with flow 2chambers. much better :)