For Sale Numbers Matching 1970 Boss 302


Apr 30, 2021
Sparta, Michigan
My wife and I are new to StangNet, and are longtime Mustang fans. We have a real G code 1970 Mustang Boss 302 for sale that was fully and rotisserie restored to original about 6 years ago. The Boss is Calypso Coral with a white interior. We bought it in Florida and have had fun with it but are looking toward another purchase. The Boss apparently was first delivered in Washington, spent some time in New York, then went to Canada where it stayed part of a new car dealer’s garage collection and was restored by a professional restoration shop. From there it went to Florida. We have pictures of the restoration and other documentation.

Being cautious, we also had a collector car appraiser review and analyze the engine stamp, transmission tag, carb tag, rear end tags and other things, and he confirmed it is a legitimate numbers matching car-no replacement block which many of these have. The only things apparently not restored to original are the manifolds (there are headers), the suspension towers/hood hinges are black (not phosphate), and the underside center is painted calypso coral (not coated with the red clay coating). Other than that, we believe this one is one of the nicest, most accurate we’ve seen, short of a concours type restoration. It even has all the factory correct line chalk/paint markings and stickers etc.

You can view many pictures of the car here, which are less than two years old and from the dealer we bought it from in Florida:




I also can email or message you pictures of the full restoration, which come with the car as well as the Marti Report and other documentation if you shoot me a message.

Presently, we are asking $92,000, but would welcome other reasonable cash offers (no trades) to someone who will care for the Boss as we have. The Boss is located in Sparta, Michigan.

Please let us know if you or someone you know are legitimately interested.
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