oil problem

anthony hill

New Member
Nov 12, 2008
So i moved to oklahoma about a 2 weeks agon and on my way up my check oil light came on. I thought this was strange since my car has never been low before so i checked it and it was a quart low. Filled it up got on the road stoped to fuel my car after 200 miles and it was a quart low again. Now ever 200 miles the thing is a quart low? Whats the deal guys? iv never ever been low as long as ive owned the car. I keep checking my parking spots for puddles on the ground and nothin! And it doesnt appear to be leakin from valve covers or anything wheres it goin? I even thought maybe it was burning it but usually you can smell it and i cant. So once again i need your guys help any ideas would be AMAZING!

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Checked my pvc stuff all looks good. Someone mentioned to me maybe changin my spark plugs? Im usein split fire platnium ones right now its what i always used in my 97 and they worked fine but what does my spark plug have to do with burning oil? O and this is all on 91 gt just to fill you in.
It will get clogged and the engine can't vent. Then you build pressure in the crankcase. That will force oil past the rings. Then you are burning oil. I don't know if it could be as severe as your problem, but it's a place to start.
You will have to remove the PCV valve and the rubber grommet. You can get the metal screen out with a long pick. I would get a new metal screen and a new PCV grommet.

Metal screen Motormite/Dorman part # 47064


Grommet Motormite/Dorman part # 42327