oil pump? (posting for a friend)

Iam posting this for a friend that is having oil pump issues any help is welcome because iam stumped and have never heard of this before. thanks.

I just installed a new Ford Racing high volume oil pump. I of course primed it and used a heavier wieght oil. I took the time to make sure the brand new pickup was sealed tight to the pump and was the correct distance from the bottom of the pan. I got everything together but left the valve covers off so I knew for sure. 5 quarts of 5W30 oil and a Fram tough guard oil filter later I had a friend crank the engine. The oil was coming up fine and just as I was about to tell him to stop the oil flow stopped. as the cranking continued no more oil was seen. We let it go for another 30 second while i dumped another quart of oil over the cam lobes to keep everything healthy figureing it was just an air pocket. But the oild hasn't come back and thinking of the bearings I called the quits. I think its just an air pocket somewhere too deep or large to push to the surface. I called the ford dealership and they said it was a common occurance and happens to about 1 in 3 oil pump swaps they do. But when I asked how they fix it they said the couldn't tell me andI would have to bring it in. So now I am asking you guys if you know before I have to pay these money grabbing sons of bitches to do it for me. So far all I can think of is to fill the oil filter before I reinstall it because the airpocket could be in there or to hookup some kind of pump think, like a pressure bleeder for brakes except for oil and shoot it up through the oil filter outlet. Any ideas r welcome
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Problem # 1: Fram oil filter. They are junk in a can. They just had a big recall on them because the filter element collapsed inside and blocked oil flow.

Possibly related.
Yup- try another filter, i think i've heard of damaged bypass valves on that filter blocking circulation or what not,and the above is correct, there is a new recall on that filter.
If it never pumped oil, that would be an initial sealing issue. But since it did pump some, it sounds like the filter is the most obvious and cheapest route in trouble shooting.
I used the same oil pump when I rebuilt mine. no problems.

change your oil filter and try again. also, I don't think it is possible to actually keep it primed until your motors installed. it only took a couple seconds for mine to prime after the engine started.