Old Girl Get A Facelift


Mustang Master
Oct 23, 2006
Well more of a boob job really....but you get the point :p

First things first...the 68' is going down to TX here in another couple weeks. She's had a few issues so i figured this would be a perfect time to take care of them before going cross country. She's currently all tore apart in the shop so I'll post pics and updates once i get more done.

-Halogen Headlights (and new wiring for the lights)
-New timing cover
-Carb rebuild
-1" drop 620 grab-a-track front coils
-new tires in the rear (245's)

Currently working on the carb and the springs....my lower perch bolts are being a real K@#$T but I should get them off tonight.

Second reason why I made this thread is that i know a couple of you guys are in TX and was curious if you wanted to get together at all. I'm going to leave MN here on the 22nd and should be in TX the night of the 23rd. Plans are that saturday the 24th to drive over to Shiner and take a brew tour. Figured some of you guys might be up for a little roadtrip as well.

Anyway, pics and more to come tonight!
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comparison between the wore out stock springs and the new 620 grab-a-tracks:

This is really how badly the inside passage of the old timing cover was:


New springs in. Doesn't have the new shocks yet....I was just too damn excited to see how it would sit. This is also with the 245/60r14's on the rear now. They're pretty meaty. Putting the new springs in didn't require them to be compressed....but it WILL require a re-alignment. You'll see it in the following pics:


Just how bad it is:



did a quick measurement with the plumb bob.....thats about +4* camber....ouch....as mentioned that needs a re-align and will need it anyway as I'm planning on doing the shelby drop as well when I put the new dampers in.

Timing cover got put on tonight, as well as the full carb rebuild. I'm hoping to get the shocks friday and get the girl re-aligned sometime that next week. MOAR TO COME!