OMG ---- Im in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's an 05 and now I know what I will eventually do to mine. Thanks for sharing.:nice:
Yeah I just got through printing up pics and description so I don't forget. Its a 5 speed also they report they're error farther down in the ad about the year and tranny.
yeah I would ditch the green neon piping. Maybe do something to "unplastic" the dash too, that car looks very high dollar then the dash is plastic :-/

Hrmm, over ar harnish huh.. might have to spin buy.. Maybe get my business clothes out and yank a few chains heh
My changes

After checking out other body kits, I would go with this one as it leaves the fog lights where I like them. I would also do "red" piping on the seats instead of the green. Definately different brakes also. What is so distinct about the fog lights is when you see one coming at you, you KNOW its a Stang and it makes it look like the lean, mean machine that it is. No wonder cops tag me all the time when they see me...however there seems to be an influx of juiced up "ricers" in the area so that takes the heat off of me for awhile, and yes I would "set them up" to get a ticket if they wanted to play. I did that to another Stanger one night and he fell for it. No cops around, just wanted to see if he was lookin for trouble and he was.:D