Opinions on Oz Audio and Elemetal design?

Anybody here dealt with or heard there subs in action? I want to get 1 10'' sub that has good slp and tight sound (basically a strong good all around sub). I was looking at these two
the amp I have is a Hollywood High Voltage series 1000m mono block amp (1 ohm stable). I don't know if they still make these anymore as I've had it for 5-8 years and having used it in 4 yrs or more. I remember it being a very powerfull amp (at least back in it's days) and would be powering 4+ 12'' subd with ease in some trucks at car shows i went too many moons ago. I'm looking to spend $300 max for 1 10'' sub dual voice coil. Don't want to take up so much room in my trunk so I'd ratehr just buy on stong one. Thanks for your time...
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I have heard good things about ed's subs but i havent heard anything about oz's. I will be getting an ed 10" in the future. The ed sub you linked is a 15" not a 10". The way they list them the 11 is a 10, 13 is a 12, 16 is a 15