OT: Just got a cool XBOX game


New Member
Apr 15, 2003
Clark, NJ
i went to best buy yesterday with a gift card and got this awesome xbox game called "Ford Racing 2" it's relaly good and has alot of mustangs and other fords, it's got the 05 concept, FR500, 68 GT, a regualr 68, 71 mach 1, 73 mach 1, mach III concept, 00 cobra r, the ford ft, gt90, lightning, svt focus and much more, anyone else have this game? just thought i share with u guys :D
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What someone needs to do is make a Need for Speed game for muscle cars. Regardless of what you think about rice, Need for Speed Underground is the best car game made, period. I would have bought it just for the drag racing mode. It would be slick to customize your car to the extent that you can in Underground. And we've all fantasized about installing rediculous turbo's and spraying on a street course...
i am almost done with the game lol i only have to beat the last 2 boards which are Nascars. i was reading on a site that if u hit a certain speed with one of the nascars u will hear a sound and unlock the super mustang anyone do this yet?? thanks lol this si so off topic but i really want to know what the super mustang is.