Painless? Wiring Turn/brake/Horn


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Jun 10, 2002
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Love the harness..hate the uniqueness of the 641/2 wiring.

About 3/4 years ago I restomd'd a 641/2...almost 100% complete. Still had a few things to tie up. Ended up moving to Texas, killed the old PS pump and couldn't cool the car in Houston. Just got it back up and running and had two issues, one new, one never completed from before.
-No Brake lights (new issue)
- No Horn (Old issue)
I have resolved the single wire in the column 641/2 painless harness issue.
(If any one has's still fresh)

No Brake lights..need some help in understanding how the brake and turn signl interact. I have turn signals, tail lights and no brake lights. The brake lights are integrated/ Original Column and Column wiring, painless for the rest.
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From what i remember, the power comes from the light switch to the brakelight switch, which then sends power to the turn signal switch which in turn distributes power to the lights in the back.

As for the horn, do you think it's a wiring issue? cause when i was rewiring my car (i used EZ wiring) i realized that you need a relay and when you push the horn button it acts as a ground.

Horns done.

Yesterday though some major weirdness. Key ou, lights off, my entire interior and all for turn signal lights were flashing. Pull the lights to the park position and it goes away. By fiddling with the light switch and opening/closing the doors, I got them to go do not know what the root cause is....but will be looking today. By schematic I see noway the flasher can feedback through the dash lights....current flow is all bassawkwards..must of messed something up when I was in there for the horn relay! This will be a nice one to write up when completed!
Here is the headlight switch. Looking for the turn sig graphic.
Suki243 is correct. Power flows from the headlight switch to the brake light switch on the pedel, to the turn signal switch, then out to L & R turn sig lamps/brake lamps. Start at the switch on the brake pedel switch. If you have power there, make sure it comes out of the switch when you press the pedel. You can also pull the plug from the switch and short across the plug-brake lights should stay on (if you have power to one side of the plug). CHeck that first.
ALso, have posted this before, check the connector at the headlight switch. Sometimes, when you push that large connector onto the headlight switch, it will push one or more of the individual connectors out the back of the main connecter and make intermittant contact. Watch for that too.


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Agreed, great graphic.

Looks like troubleshooting should be straight forward. I can't help but think I am going to find a turn signal switch that saw its best days sometime ago.

Based on:

- Previously working
- Then NO brake Lights
- Now, all on it's own, both turn signals and my entire gauge panel, window and door lock switch will flash (only with the key off & lights off).

The only common piece here is the turn signal switch.
O.o Sorry I don't quite understand your post. You took out the key, and then all your turn signals (the ones in the front and the tail lights and ur courtesy) began flashing till you pulled your head light switch to the first position?

When you ask about dash lighting? the turn signal should only affect the turn signal indicators, are all your dash lights flashing? including the high beam light and the background lights?

What do you mean window and door lock switch? did you install power locks? are they locking and unlocking constantly

It sounds like a wiring issue. I think you may have connected it to the hazard light wire? cause that receives voltage even after the key is taken out of the ignition. The turn signals won't work with the key out.
Maybe wired to the head light switch wrong.

(p.s i've done EZ wiring's harness so i'm not totally familiar with painless)