Paint Job. Opinions On Color


At least it is lumpy...
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Jul 30, 2011
I'm really considering repainting my car. I want to keep the black trim and was curious what color you guys would recommend. I'm leaning towards aSonic Blue,Kona Blue or maybe even another Red Shade(either custom or maybe Vibrant Red)
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I think you could get away with a different shade of red pretty easily, but a complete color change to blue will be quite a bit more work. Jambs, underside of hood, engine bay, etc.

With that being said...

Twilight Blue...

Or Vibrant Red...

I like both.

If I wasn't going for a factory Fox color, I think I would do Kona if I wanted a blue.
You mentioned orange peel. Is it not the original paint job that's on it now? If not, I would definitely go for the blue. Most 4-eye cars I see are either red, white or black. Very rarely do I see anyone attempting a different color. Making a color look great on 4-eyes is tricky.