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on the pass side valve cover. there is a tube connected from the pcv to the plenum. it is a screw in type, so unscrew 1/2 turn and see what's up. might as well just go with breathers while you are taking it out!
Mine just pulls right out and pops right back in? They must have started the screw in/out after my year, lol.

Like Saleen said, dont leave it off. Remove and replace my freind.

You have your PCV deleted don't you? Can you please explain How and more importantly why to do this. I would certainly be interested.

Thanks as always for sharing!

*well, its not environmently friendly advice:rlaugh: so "tree-huggers" DO NOT READ:nono:

my PCV system was deleted years ago when I installed a Nytrous kit and I got some good advice from 2 Pro 5.0 Nytrous users.

aside from the fact that the PCV system does nothing* but clogg-up the IAC and coat the plenum and intake wth an oily mess/sludge residue.
now on a P/A car all that sludge gets into the incomming air charge and mixes wth the fuel and will lower the octane of the fuel and cause detanation, fouled plugs and other issues.

now most people don't even know that they have a PCV valve or don't know were it's located or when to change it and when they do they buy one, its usally some aftermarket one which has a larger orfice than the OEM ones and can & will draw too much vapor from the crankcase adding to the problem.

if your car is N/A or P/A and you love the enviroment then install a oily/water seperator system, that way you won't sludge-up the intake tract and the air you breath will be better-off:D
^^ Are you talking about breathers or running a oil/air separator? With an oil/air separator you still use the PCV right? So what's the deal with breathers? Can they be used safely in place of the PCV?
I was using a breather on the PCV, but hooked it back up a few years ago along with a catch can btween the PCV and intake orifice. Amazing to me how much oil is trapped by in the catch can, and I know my intake, pistons, and valves are thanking me :D
removing the PCV valve is BAD!! it'll lead to premature oil dilution (blowby gases enter the crankcase and "soak" into the oil)

other than taht, flames201 is correct - pass cover twist out

There is some slight truth in this. The combination of hydrocarbons and moisture as a result of combustion are slightly corrosive to conventional (oil didn't come from dinosaurs:D) oil, but are relatively harmless to synthetics. But we are talking only a very slight decrease in the longevity of the oil change interval...maybe a few hundred miles with conventional oil at most. Synthetics are relatively immune to this.

However, I would gladly give up the PCV system for a nice clean plenum and intake manifold in favor of a valve cover breather.
I had a K&N breather element on both the PCV and on the passenger side valve cover, but the one on the valve cover would leak a very slight amount of oil when the engine was run relatively hard. I went with one of the high-dollar SHM breather caps on that side and have since had no further issues with oil leakage.
Sounds like a good idea. I cleaned my plenum not too long ago, and in a few thousand miles it was allll oiled up again.

I dont think a breather will fit under the intake tubing though, so maybe a catch can is the fix for me.
Interesting. A little before I installed my blower, I put a small catch can on my PCV tube and it is catching plenty of oil. Not a crazy amount, but a decent amount. I want to get a new PCV valve, but everywhere I go to look for one, there is no part number in the little books with all the filters and such. Doesn't make any sense to me at all, anyone have an explanation for this? Randy, can you give me a part number or somethin so I can pick one up at autozone?