Photochop help


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Mar 17, 2003
Can any of you photochoppers out there give a brother a hand and put these wheels:



On this car:

new wheels for kandi 800.jpg
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Z06killinSBF said:
Do you have them on any cars? The PS wont look right like it is.

Nope, no pics found.

It's OK if it doesn't look right, just seeing the wheel in the general vicinity of the car would help alot!

Would it be possible to also cut the wheels out of this pic and paste them onto my stang?

I'll do it, but you need to take a picture of your car at the same angle as the wheel pictures and it needs to be very bright out when you take the new picture.

PM me once you have the picture and I'll do it for you real quick.
Find better images of the wheels, from a side view and larger.

What are the names of the wheels so I can search for them.

I found the GT. Damn those are a grip, $400 a piece... :jaw:
Here are the shadows, still too modern, but getting warmer.


I think you need a strong looking wheel, heck even a classic wheel like this will work wonders.


Or go with the cliche...

You can polish them also.

These are cool also, 18" though...

Personally I would go with the 2004 Mach 1 wheels. Because it will be a perfect fit. :nice:

68keyblr said:
Well, I travel to Cleveland alot...are you anywhere near Cleveland?:shrug:

BTW - I think I've decided on the Stingrays....

I'm 1400 miles away from Cleveland too. :eek:

Let me find some other pics of the Stingrays, or take a picture of your car at an angle, that will make it easy. :nice: