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Jul 28, 2007
I'm a fan and was excited to find out that pinks all out will be at Norwalk raceway park june 6th here in northern Ohio. I will be there to get my 10 grand and my 6,000$ NAPA tool chest, "yeah right". They seem to pick the the 10-11 second class most of the time and I'm not that fast, but still should be fun. A lot of beer, girls, TV and Rich"es bald head, doesn't get any better than that. "Well", it could get better than that to win it I supose. I give pink's credit, they have brought drag racing back in a big way. The show got me interested in it again.
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im hoping to go too, probably just to watch though.there's some Mustang from Full Throttle Kustomz with 2,000 HP that's supposed to race.Curious to see that.
They're going to be in Denver in August. But you had to run a 12.99 or better to even be in the drawing to get in. Their website was absolutely hammered when they opened it up for entries.

C'mon out, the track's at 5800 feet. If you're not FI, your S-197 ain't running no 12.99 here. I'm hoping to go and watch, though. Should be cool.
I'm not a fan of Rich, he's cluesless to the car world overall. He can't ride a sport bike for crap and made a fool of himself trying to do so with a big dump on national TV. Lastly he's errogant on a show that his supporting cast clearly makes everything work. Before they switched to all out, things were terrible. Cars getting spots of 10+.

The lose the race lose your ride was a hoax as well. Nick from Straightline here locally was on the show twice. Won once and lost once, no extra car came home in the win, and he didn't have to cough his up for the loss.

All Out is better, I'll give them that, but they do gravitate towards high 9 to low 11 second cars quite often.
All the spots for Norwalk was sold out back in Jan. In my area over 50 cars signed and paid to go. About 12 Mustangs, 6 SRT4s, 8 Subie, 15 Mitsu, 6 Vettes plus other random cars. We are using it for a Local Grudge match between clubs and maybe some of the cars will make it to the Big Show.