Engine Piston Bore Casting Broke Off. Will My 5.0 V8 Be Ok?


Sep 25, 2012
I may have created a burr or a ridge during dis-assembly on bottom of #4 piston bore. I noticed my rotating assembly was tight in one area. I did honed the block with a ball hone. Since the engine was assembled, I tried to use a brass punch and tapped it lightly and it broke clean off! I guess the piston will get more oil lube now. The broken area is toward the cam shaft and not the trust side.

I think it should be fine since the rings are way above and only around 1/2" of bottom of piston will see it.

Should I be concerned ?




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At the very least file the edges of the chunk to smooth them. I would be interested to know the dimensions of the chunk, how far up the bore is it?
Nice rounded off and smooth! Going to give it a shot since I actually managed to find this 96 block with only 75,000 miles. It had no piston bore ridge and have a TFS1 cam, GT40 heads with stiffer springs and T5 for it. Make that 6 T5's!!! This motor will see less than 1000 miles in a year in my 64 Falcon.
I do have a spare 96 complete engine but it will require 0.030" over.


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On a stock stroke motor it SHOULD be far enough from the rings but I'd assemble that bore first and check. If it is close that will cause issues...

As long as you ground down past the crack and then debuted it shouldn't spread but that is very hard to tell on the internet.

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