please help - hot/cold climate controls don't work, only blows hot air

Sep 3, 2018
Johns Creek, GA
Hi gang, I've searched google and this forum and can't find any guidance so far. No matter whether I set my climate control to blow hot or cold air, it only blows very hot air out of all vents.

A little history (of course I get myself into these situations)

I had the common problem of the 1,2,3,4 fan speed setting being stuck on a single setting, in my case at 4.

I diagnosed the blower fan resistor INCORRECTLY as a climate control panel problem, and replaced the climate control panel with one that was supposed to be a replacement for my 2008 Mustang. Fun thing happened when the replacement arrived - I noticed the 2 electrical connectors on the back of the climate control panel were rotated differently and the assembly was a different method, HOWEVER the 2 electrical connectors fit just fine. Had the same problem, fan still worked on setting 4 with no changes in speed on the control. At that point I went to research correctly, and replaced the resistor.

NOW all the fan speeds worked, but the AC would not turn on.

So then I put the original panel back in. Now everything appears to work fine EXCEPT all I get is hot air.

Any hope or ideas for me? THANKS GANG!
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10 Year Member
Jun 13, 2007
Sounds like the compressor is operating normally. If you check the lines after a few minutes of operation, you should find one side to be almost icy cold. If that's the case and you're still getting only warm air from the dash vents, it's possible one of the blend door actuators is stuck.
Sep 3, 2018
Johns Creek, GA
Thank you Bullitt95. This appears to be resolved.

Yesterday I took the climate panel back out, hit all the connections with electrical contact cleaner and re-installed it and magically I have heat and cool controls with full functioning AC / climate control. It appears a connection in the back of the climate control panel that manages heat/cold setting wasn't making contact. There were no bent pins.
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