Police cars


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Dec 28, 2005
I just picked up 49 police car's most are Crown victoria's, some chevy's, anyone needs parts? Before I send them to the auction? They are located in Phoenix Arizona - they have posi rear end's , 4 wheel disc brakes and the heavy duty coil suspension.
( Lucafu1) Luis finally back in town, how are things going on the swap?
One other thing that they have is called a pro guard rear seat - it is a lightweight fiberglass seat, trunk divider - that might fit on a coupe with some trimming - will post a picture later, since I am going to try one on my 65 coupe. :D
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Going to keep a few as part car's some are in rough shape electrical and mechanically . All the body's are in mint shape, I noticed today that the vicky's have the coolant type oil cooler's, heavy duty radiator's and electric fan's and that the passenger safety divider would make a good roll bar (non race - safety only)with the screen removed ala shelby convertible. Bad news is that they are all 4.6 mod's. The other's are a chevy blazer in excellant shape, a few van's (dodge) and the rest are chevy caprice's.
Any info you guy's need on the rear end's let me know and I will have someone copy it down. Also they have some type of aluminum panel's that replaced the door panels on the rear door's , I been eyeing those to see if they fit on the mustang's and will let you know. Lots of "Mad Max" type rims with what look to be 9 1\2 - 10 inch tire's on them. Heh heh, was like a kid in the candy store all day today , but forgot to take my camera. I can remove all the pro guard fiberglass dividers and door panels since they saved all the seats and original door panel's for me.
Why the heck would you buy 49 police cars? How much did you pay if you don't mind telling? I can understand if you don't want to, some guy wanting a 8.8 knows that you paid X for the lot and you're wanting 1/2 X for a rear would whine that since you got a good deal, why wouldn't you pass it on...
I wheel and deal in anything in big lots. So far 16 of the crown vickys, run perfect (Ac works too)with one needing an altenator from one of the scrap cars, they will fetch between 1500.00 and 5000.00 at auction (do the math) - with tow fee's I have less then 10,000.00 in them. Taxi drivers love them and I am talking to someone now that wants to haul the running one's to Mexico to be used as patrol cars there. Here is a link to the ebay auction for police cars, the live auctions in town usually bring more as the competion is fierce .http://search.ebay.com/police-cars_W0QQfromZR8QQpqryZpoliceQ20carsf