For Sale For Sale 1993 Mustang SSP Coupe


Jun 26, 2004
I am ready to part with my 1993 Mustang SSP Coupe.
The car was Florida State Police Highway Patrol from Orlando, I crossed the numbers from the buck tags through a SSP site prior to my purchase of the car in 2009. The buck tags are still on the car, however some years ago I discovered they are not all complete, the previous owner or someone doing maintenance on the car must have snapped a portion of one of the tags off behind the header panel. I only discovered this taking pictures for a potential buyer.
I purchased the car in Buffalo Junction Va in 2009, my understanding was I was purchasing the vehicle from the individual who made the purchase at auction in Orlando, or that he was a straw purchaser from the liscensed purchaser.
The car is in mostly original condition, but the previous owner did rebuild the motor and added some mods.
Odometer reads 203,000 miles and is equiped from the factory with the 160mph spedometer.
SSP equipment still remains. The teal blue colored heavy duty heater and ratiator hoses and high output alternator are still equiped.
I do not have receipts to verify who performed the engine rebuild, or the installed parts or brand or quality of those parts, however it maintains good oil pressure at tempurature and at idle. It currently runs, but is running rough. I had to make some repairs under the intake and throttle body in 2017 as the wiring jacketing to the fuel injectors became brittle and had started arcing to ground. It ran fine after the repairs but has since began to run foul, and its likely in need of an engine wiring harness. Not sure if this is from heat or age, but it does need attention.
The transmission is the factory equipment T5, 5 speed standard. All gears are there, it whines a little but still works fine.
The body is in incredibly good shape with no rot, however it badly needs paint and will need to be completely stripped. The rockers, floor pans, doors are all incredibly clean. I took one fender off to strip sand and paint, so I could mock up a color and see it on the car. Under the mouldings was untouched super clean factory black paint, and 2 years ago I put it up on jackstands and wiped down the floor pans underneath the car and was able to see my reflection in the factory black paint.
The torque boxes are not destroyed, and are original. Personally i think they were too weak for the factory torque/hp output and would suggest replacing them if intending on any more hp/torque or better tires than factory equipped.
Upholstery is not trashed, but the seat skins are original, old and dry from baking in the southern sun. Plastic in the interior is also ok and all there but does show some wear. *This was a police cruiser and was equipped with lights including spotlight on driver pillar, as well as radios and a police issue dome light. The sirens and strobes and radios are stripped prior to auction and the original holes for wire routing and mounting still exist.
As typical with costal cars there is some degredation around the windshield under the trim. High road speeds drives salt below the trim and it sits. I found no holes through the body in this location but there are a few spots that should get some attention. I did not want to pull the glass and upholstery until I was ready to send it for paint.
The hood was replaced before I bought it, it is fiberglass made by Ceravini.

The car has been lowered 2 ( front ) and 2 1/2 rear, the eibach boxes were in the trunk when I bought it. It has a 5 lug conversion using 94-95 mustang parts. It is equipped with ford stamped 95 cobra 17" wheels ( the chrome plating is rough and has peeled behind the spokes ). The exhaust was replaced with a 2 1/2 Flowmaster off road x pipe to 2 flowmaster 44s, when I bought it they were balogna cut about 4" behind the mufflers and it is super loud, hard on the ears at cruising speed.
This is as honest of a summary I can make of this car, it does need attention but it is a very solid car. It was a $6000.00 investment at the time I purchased it in 2009 and considering how solid the car is, and the decreasing availability I feel its worth near the same today.
Im located about 1/2 hour south of Albany NY. I will leave my contact information below.
If you want pictures of any specific part or angle I will gladly send them.

[email protected]
518-281-5225 text preferred at initial contact.


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