Poped my seat, need guidance


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Jun 29, 2002
Vancouver, WA
I broke my driver side seat. It appears that the left front (bolt-stud?) ripped right out of the floor. Do I need to have the floorpan replaced? What is this going to cost to fix? :shrug:
Time go get a box to prop up the seat. :bang: :mad:
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You don't need to replace the floor -- but you will need to find out exactly what happened before deciding how to fix it. It could be as easy as rewelding the tab that tore or it could mean welding in a new piece of metal under where the old sued to be. I would suggest welding because fo the stress in that area, but bolting could work just as well if done right.
All the early Fox bodied cars had this problem, I got mine when it was 4 years old and it was already ripped out. Thru bolt it like I did 15 years ago and be done with it, it will cost $2 and hold up better than the original setup.