Popping noise??? from header leak?


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Nov 7, 2001
Dayton, OH
Well I figured I would make this a seperate thread since it is a diferent topic. I have a "popping" type noise coming for the passenger side of the engine. The engine smokes a little from oil coming from somewhere and burning on the engine. Besides when you take off the "popping noise" is very loud. Almost kind of sounds like a lifter tapping.

The engine leaks oil from the Vavle Covers it seems first of all. Probably just some cheap gaskets. I'm buying some Fel Pro's today for the Vavle Covers. Also for the "popping" noise.. I put my fingers down by the back of the header and I could feel the strongest amount of air coming from that area. A question I have is this.. Is there any way the "popping" noise can come from vavle cover leaking??? I don't see how it would but I just wanted to be sure, and hear it from those of you that have had the problem before. Thanks!
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A popping noise is usually either a header leak, or a blown head gasket. If you get a mechanics stethoscope and run it along the joint between the head and block, you will easilly be able to detect a blown head gasket.